Welcome Horse Lovers!

Exclusive Bitless & Western is the new name since 18-4-2017, of what started as Hynders Western Leer en meer.
A new hobby of mine,  totally run out of hand and has officially become a business since January 1, 2017.

I'm Eelkje and I mainly make (bitless) bridles, sidepull's, reins, cordeo's and breast collors and make it fit perfect for your horse or pony. Ofcourse it has to wear comfortably for your horse, look nice for you, and will last a very long time.
I only use the best quality leather that I can find, and my work is 100% handcrafted, so it's very time consuming. Most bridles are somewhere between 75 and 275 euro's, reins and cordeo's often from 75 euros, but that depends on your wishes, what materials I need to use, and how time consuming it is for me to make.
I'm currently working with a waiting list for custom commissions. For info .... feel free to send me a message.
Occasionally I also make products that are immediately available. They can still be found in the shop on this page, and also on my Etsy page.

Much of my work, and especially the work in progress photos, can also be seen on my Facebook and Instagram page.
I hope to see you there! :-) 


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